The Rodriguez clan is an extended family from "Lost Angeles". Originally just blood relatives, but after the Big One hit in 2013, several other fragments of families joined the clan. Several members of the family have been seen in-story. The Ybarras are children of Mama Rodriguez's sister, who marred a Mr. Ybarra. There are at least eight Ybarras, three Martinezes and a Matsui (one of the adoptives), and that's just based on one shuttle-load in ASH #76.

  • Peregryn - Married into the clan
  • Rosa Henderson - Daughter of Peregryn and Essay
  • Carlos Rodriguez - killed off-screen before Academy #1
  • Mama Rodriguez - Clan matiarch
  • Paolo - mentioned in ASH #12, helps Mama with her English.
  • Rick/Ricardo - mentioned in ASH #12, teenager
  • Essay - Sara Ana Rodriguez-Henderson
  • Lana Smith - family by "marriage" to Carlos.
  • Carl Smith - son of Carlos.
  • Clara Ybarra - Essay's younger cousin and maid of honor (ASH #76)
  • Javier Ybarra - Clara's little brother (ASH #76)
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