Scott Ritter

Full Name: Scott Ritter
Codename: Star Knight
Known Relatives: Malcolm Ritter (uncle), David Ritter (father, deceased), unnamed mother (deceased)
Group Affiliation: Galactic Warrior Corps
First Appearance: ASH #26 (mention), ASH #27 (on-screen), Capstone #1 (as Star Knight)
Powers: Gravity control. Wears a powersuit based on reverse-engineered Santari technology that channels his excess energy into various effects, including a compact hyperspace drive. He has no inborn barrier that keeps him from breaking spacetime when he pushes his powers too hard, and the armor acts as an artificial circuit breaker for him. At one point his hyperdrive was magically altered to let him create a Hyperspace Inversion, but it is likely that the single use against the Light Brigade destroyed the device.
Notes: Spends most of his time off Earth, fighting planetary-level threats in the Planetary Confederation. Delta Rose is his direct superior. Details of his origin and family history have not been seen in a posted story, information taken from unpublished fragment of Star Knight #1.

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