Secret Masters

An organization of Taoist wizards and martial artists devoted to making sure no one summoned the demon Devastation. They all fell in battle against the demon in 82 C.E., it is unknown if the organization was revived after that.

  • Eight Tiger - Martial artist and spirit-hunter, who once wrestled eight tiger spirits into submission.
  • Heavenly Consort in Silk - Mage specializing in defensive, healing and binding rituals, but not without her fangs. A Taoist Immortal, she was the only one to survive the battle with Devastation long enough to get the weakened Western Dragon to sanctuary. However, she still died of wounds.
  • Master Li the Drunkard - Master of the Drunken Fist.
  • Seven Winds - Wind mage, provided the others with clouds they could ride.
  • Silver Flame - Fire mage, can exhale a purifying flame similar to that wielded by Hands of Fire.
  • Tien of the Five Swords - Master of five magical blades, which he could command to fight independently in the air around him.
  • Western Dragon - Not a member of the Secret Masters, but she fought alongside them against Devastation and was the only survivor of the battle in the main timeline.
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