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February 13, 2013

Author List: Added ASH Holiday Special #1 authors

Academy: #0-8 (Complete)
ASH: #1-119 (Up to date)
STRAFE: #0-18 (Up to date)
Warden: #1-15, Annual #1 (Complete)
CSV: #1/2-29, Annual #1-3 (Up to date)
The Reverse Engineers: #0-2 (Up to date)
LL&DD: None (see below)
Time Capsules: #0-12, Annual #1 (Complete)
LNH 2020s: LNH 2023 #0-1, LNH 2024 #1-3, LNH 2027 #1 (Up to date)
ASHistory: None (see below)
Coherent Super Stories: None (see below)
Miscellany: Current as of December 31, 2008 (and see below)
ASH 3732: Spear-Carriers #1-3 (Complete) (no characters named in the FAQs)
EUROPA: #1-3 (Complete)
Capstone: #1-3 (Complete)

Previous Age Sourcebooks - The "see below" references above point here. Stories primarily focused on events before the Fourth Age are already covered in the following files:

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