STRAFE and Strafe refer to a number of things in the ASH Universe.

Superhuman Tactical Resources and Affiliated Field Experts - STRAFE, the Fourth Age organization. The "strafe" tag refers to membership in this group.


  • Strafe I - A criminal in the Third Age who found a powersuit and discovered when he activated it that the cybernetic control interface forced him into the role of hero. A member of the original ASH.
  • Strafe II - Strafe I after a heroic sacrifice forced him to be merged with his armor to save his life.
  • Strafe III - Strafe I with a more integrated cybernetic body, a refinement of the slap-dash Strafe II systems. Eventually "died" and came back in a new identity as Centurion.
  • Strafe IV - Part of Project: Electric Warriors, a government-made cyborg who was part of the Elite Brigade in the Third Age after Strafe III changed his identity.
  • Strafe (CSV) - The Curseworld version of Strafe I, one of the core members of the Third Age Conclave of Super-Villains. His armor is worn by Derek Radner, although the cybernetic interface (which drove the original wearer insane) has been modified to remove personality-alteration effects.
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