Survivors of the 20th Century

In addition to the multitude of normal people who survived the events of July 6, 1998, a handful of people who were notable enough to be mentioned in the First Age Sourcebook, Second Age Sourcebook, or Third Age Rosterbook survived at least a little way into the 21st Century. This page lists each such person, as well as a few who may have survived for various reasons but have not been confirmed to have lived through things.

If there are no notes after a name, then they have been established to have definitely survived.

First Age

  • Archangeli, Silvio - Normal human, may have survived, but would have been in his 90s in 1998.
  • Boss Cravat - Normal human, almost definitely died in prison before 1998.
  • The Centurion (Joey Calvano) - Normal human, may have survived, but would be over 100 years old in 2026.
  • Extortion Racquet - Probably a normal human, may have survived, but would probably have died of old age before 1998.
  • Minuteman (Charles Grey) - Normal human, may have survived, but would be over 100 years old in 2026.
  • Minuteman (Jiang Sheng) - His body survived, but his mind was overwritten by that of his father. It is unknown whether any of his personality survives.
  • Nyx - Goddess, even if she was killed in the Casuality Wars in 1998, the nature of time travel means she could still be active in 2026.
  • Red Widow - Normal human, may have survived, but would be about 100 in 2026.
  • Huang Sheng
  • Z-Man - Normal human, likely killed during WWII, but could potentially have survived into the 21st Century. Would be over 100 years old in 2026.

Second Age

  • Delta Rose
  • Fantom - Moved permanently to Ghostworld, may have survived the passing of years.
  • Panza, Joaquim - Normal human, may have survived.
  • Preston, Sir Montague - Normal human, may have survived…but not likely, given his lifestyle.
  • Rush, Bennett (Doublecross)
  • Huang Sheng
  • Jiang Sheng - See above.
  • Weapons Master - May or may not be the father of the 2026 version of Weapons Master.

Third Age

  • Morgan Adams
  • Pino Archangeli
  • Blitzkrieg!
  • Edouard, the Catman - A product of otherdimensional mad science, he had no Magene and may have survived. The fact that he's not working at the Academy, however, argues that he either died or left for a different reality.
  • Constellation - Likely in another reality somewhere.
  • Delta Rose
  • Devastator - And at least some of his Annihilator units.
  • Doctor Developer
  • Doublecross
  • "Steel Jack" Hendrick - Did not survive to 2022, but may have lived past 1998.
  • Lightfoot
  • LU-61/62 - A robot, his spirit was bound to the remains of his body until extracted by Lady Sable in 2026.
  • Devlin Marx
  • Matrix - His energy body was a Scytharian construct, so he may have survived. It is likely that if he did survive, he is somewhere else in the Planetary Confederation, working for the owners of his body.
  • Naobata - As a demon, he exists partially outside of time, and likely survived.
  • Onslaught (Arnold Zugmann)
  • Professor Upgrade - Normal human, may have survived.
  • Q'Nos
  • Hector Rodriguez
  • Huang Sheng
  • Jiang Sheng
  • Solar Max (Dr. Van Domelen)
  • Spyder 9000 - A robot, he may have survived in some form.
  • Steel, Alan - A robot, he may have survived in some form.
  • WarStar
  • Weapons Master - See above.
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