Full Name: Talos
Codename: None
Known Relatives: Simon Smith (creator)
Group Affiliation: CSV 2052, Impossible Five, Court of Q'Nos (future version)
First Appearance: CSV #27 (unnamed), ASH #78 (named)
Powers: A technomystical construct of bronze and other materials, he's exceptionally strong and durable. In addition, he has a fire elemental bound to him, rendering him almost immune to heat and capable of generating high temperatures that burn whatever he touches.
Notes: Talos is still "young" in many ways, having been created relatively recently from his point of view. This leads him to occasionally childlike behavior and attitudes, although he usually keeps that side of himself hidden. It is unlikely that he will ever be created in the new timeline, although Simon Smith may create an "opposite number" if asked to by Q'Nos.

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