Full Name: Taograth (unknown if this is his real name)
Codename: None
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliations: The Onyx Eye Tong
First Appearance: Warden #3 (mention), Warden #6 (on-screen)
Powers: Greatly skilled martial artist, generates a deflection shield, which he later learned to use to enhance the power of his attacks at the expense of thinning his defenses. Also had a number of semi-mystical skills, such as the ability to feign death.
Notes: Betrothed to Varru'ke, but this arrangement was ended when he was defeated by Warden and sent to the Cavity. Presumed killed during the riot surrounding the break-out of Claudette Viau, he faked his death and slowly worked his way back into the Onyx Eye's ranks. However, he overreached and tried to kill Rex Umbrae, which turned out to be genuinely fatal.

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