Telly Mobster

Full Name: Unknown
Codename: Telly Mobster
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Jolly Molecules (paragang)
First Appearance: ASH #90 (mention, as "Telly")
Powers: Able to create pocket dimensions (like those of Netwalker) that are linked to recorded videos, enter them and manipulate the actors as if he had mind control over them. He can also bring others into this pocket as "guest stars". What he does in this pocket reality changes what's on the recording. In addition to his powers, he's talented with video manipulation and pirate broadcasting.
Notes: Runs a pirate holovision station in Manhattan, mainly showing upconverted 1950s and 1960s programming, although he has started using his powers to insert characters into other series. Most think he's simply using "vactor" technology, and he has dabbled in that as well.

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