Full Name: Polla Hectrix Termiddo
Codename: TerraStar
Known Relatives: Arn, the WarStar (father)
Group Affiliation: CSV
First Appearance: ASH #29
Powers: Geomantic mage, great strength, armed with the Collapsiron weapon known as the GeoMace, which enhanced her geomantic spells. While merged with and partially in command of the awesome might of Heraclius, she could temporarily spawn a stone avatar that resembled her true body.
Notes: Seeks to wrest the AstroSpear from Derek Radner and lay the groundwork for the conquest of Earth for her father's extradimensional empire. Trapped in a warp bubble, her spirit managed to win free and possessed a series of bodies before returning to its proper place. In her culture, the shorter your name the higher your status, and she has decided she merits the loss of the "Hectrix Termiddo" portion (the first being in honor of Hector Rodriguez) and rarely uses it, although she accepts that "TerraStar" is now part of her name.

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