The Family

Full Name: None (see Components)
Codename: The Family
Components: Cross, Rose, James, Mary, Deacon, Martha, Joseph, Peter, Rebecca, Simon, Paul, Eve, Ruth, Thomas, Esther
Known Relatives: The Elder (father figure)
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: ASH #1 (mention), ASH #3 (as gestalt)
Powers: The Family is a psychic gestalt with Cross as the core mind and the infant child of Cross and Rose as they physical shell, created with the help of Aaron Zander. It has unrevealed but potentially great powers similar to those of Third Age hero Constellation. Prior to the merge, each member had superhuman powers which were mostly not revealed (Peter had minor time-alteration abilities, Simon could become insubstantial). After their spirits were drawn together, their bodies continued to live under the control of an "RNA weapon", but with reduced powers.
Notes: "The Family" also referred to the individual members prior to the merge. The fate of their bodies after the defeat of Devastator is unknown.

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