The Rush

The Rush are a cybergang from a possible future, the year 2112. Their future seems to come from the 2052 timeline of the Impossible Five, rather than being the past of the 2130s seen in the Time Capsules framing sequences. They try to style their cybernetics after songs by the Canadian rock band Rush, with individual gangs grouping together based on album playlists.

The "album" led by Presto (who had nanotech reassemblers that let him transmute matter) tried to kidnap Geddy Lee in the 1990s, but were forced back into the timestream by the ASH of the day. Three of them emerged from a time rift over Dallas in 2026:

These three have since been recruited into the Impossible Five franchise, recruiting two new members in order to come up to the required membership number. They initially picked a base of operations in Newport News, Virginia Sector, but abandoned it when discovered by Marshals A.J. Jackson and Beth Willot.

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