Full Name: Princess Ursula Grace Caroline Maxine Stephanie de Grimaldi
Codename: Tiara, Laughing Oyster
Known Relatives: Prince Maxim (father), Renata (mother, deceased). See Maxim's entry for extended family.
Group Affiliations: CSV, Monaco
First Appearance: CSV #8
Powers: None, but an accomplished thief and acrobat. Also, once Prince Maxim is committed, she gains the reins of power in Monaco. Briefly wore "Deep Armor" that let her impersonate Sultry while also providing protection and a dart gun weapon (the flight systems required a Magene).
Notes: Not actually invited into the CSV, she stole the invitation from probability-manipulator Royale. As implied by her name, Princess Grace is her grandmother, the line of succession worked somewhat differently in the ASH Universe (see Prince Maxim). Bronze medalist in the 2010 Summer Olympics in Toronto, 400 meter freestyle swim. (The events of 1998 threw the Olympic schedule off.) Has been romantically involved with Devlin Marx.

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