Full Name: Christopher Kelsey (alternate)
Codename: Timeslip, Christopher Albert Hall (false identity used for travel)
Known Relatives: Arin Kelsey (mother), Josh Cole (father), Chris Kelsey (alternate self)
Group Affiliation: CSV 2052 (retired)
First Appearance: ASH #60
Powers: Time manipulation. With a lot of concentration and effort he can travel through time or pull others through time, but he's generally limited to speeding up or slowing down time for himself or those around him.
Notes: Cauterized his own timeline by meeting Chris Kelsey and taking away his younger self's powers just before the boy could exile Milwaukee to the space between seconds. Petra Hollander hypnotized him into using his powers to draw the Impossible Five out of the collapsing potential future he was from, and between her efforts and the draining effect of that action, his powers have been vastly diminished, at least temporarily.

Time Travel note: At one point, four versions of Chris Kelsey met outside of time. "One" was Chris Kelsey, "Two" was the child just before a future version of himself would arrive to teach him how to escape timeless space, "Three" was Timeslip, and "Four" was a much older and divergent version of Timeslip. Thanks to Timeslip's actions, only "One" remains real, "Two" and "Four" faded into potentiality, and "Three" disconnected himself from causality.

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