Tom Dodson

Full Name: Thomas Dodson
Codename: Lightfoot
Known Relatives: Unnamed mother, Jerry (cousin)
Group Affiliations: ASH (Third Age), ASH (Fourth Age)
First Appearance: ASH #4
Powers: Able to make things (including himself) go faster if he's touching them. Wears a "Safsuit" that provides protection, life support and the ability to fly.
Notes: Lost nearly 30 years to relativistic time dilation, but as a result of the trip was far enough from Earth to survive the erection of the Barrier. Has been sort-of romantically involved with Beth Willot, currently involved with Ekaterina Templeton.

Continuity note: In ASH #12 it was established that his close family had died, but his mother is mentioned in ASH #42. The most likely answer (other than the writer forgetting) is that he had chickened out of going home in ASH #12 and made up the story about his close family being dead in order to deflect any questions.

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