Weapons Master II

Full Name: Chuck Morse Jr.
Codename: Weapons Master
Known Relatives: Weapons Master (legally established father)
Group Affiliations: Freedom Alliance
First Appearance: Coherent Super Stories #1 (as Weapons Master I), ASH #94 (as Weapons Master II)
Powers: No powers demonstrated, highly trained in combat and has a number of low-level antigravity devices. It is unrevealed if these are normal-usable supertech, or alien technology like that used by Ramjet. He has taken the elixir of immortality, which restored him to youth, but it is unknown if it also granted him otherwise extended life or "can't be killed" immortality.
Notes: Unknown to all but a very few, including the Western Dragon, he's not the son of the original Weapons Master…he IS the original Weapons Master, rejuvenated by the elixir of immortality.

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