Full Name: Wergild (sometimes Weregild)
Codename: None, but also known briefly as Atlas
Known Relatives: Claudette Viau (creator)
Group Affiliation: None
First Appearance: CSV #4 (mention), Warden #8 (on-screen)
Powers: A golem made of alchemical gold and driven by vengeance against Warden initially, although it extended its mission to include paragangs. About 3m tall originally, grew to around 12m tall as Atlas and over 100m tall as the Phaeton statue.
Note: While its body was destroyed, the spirit survived and inhabited the statue of Atlas in front of Rockerfeller Plaza. When that was destroyed, it moved on to the sunken statue of Phaeton in Chicago. In one possible future, it was active in this nigh-indestructible body.

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