Western Dragon

Full Name: Western Dragon, Most Serene Dragon of the Western Mountains
Codename: Western Dragon
Known Relatives: None (refers to Niu Jijiang and Arturo Liebre as brothers, but they are not related)
Group Affiliation: The Jade Court, Central Asian Confederation
First Appearance: ASH #51 (mention), ASH #52 (on-screen)
Powers: Supernormal charisma. Secretly a Taoist dragon spirit in human form, and she can take on that form when physical might is necessary. However, most of her magical powers were burnt out saving the world from Devastation in 82 C.E., and she has yet to recover fully. Even at full strength, she ranks below the "demon" level and is theorized to be a mystically created being.
Notes: Few know she's a supernormal, almost none know she's a dragon. President of the CAC.

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