World Trade Center

Full Name: World Trade Center
Codename: None
Known Owners: Odin, MetaPsych
Group Affiliations: Aesir, MetaPsych
First Appearance: Warden #7
Technical Specifications: A complex of several skyscrapers, two of which are known as the World Trade Towers. The top floor of the southern tower contains Hlidskjalf, Odin's far-seeing throne. It is possible that the structures were mystically reinforced in 1998, as they have remained intact despite going through over a decade of neglect prior to MetaPsych moving in.
Note: The seat of Aesir power in 1998, they were filled with the bodies of worshippers when Odin sent the valkyries to collect his chosen souls (rather than waiting for them to die on their own). Generally considered to be haunted in the 21st Century, the complex was taken over by MetaPsych some time in the 2010s to study the psychic residue left behind. Hlidskjalf was unreachable behind a physical manifestation of the Barrier until 2023.

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