Full Name: Xenochromes
Codename: None
Known Relatives: None
Group Affiliation: Court of Q'Nos
First Appearance: ASH #45 (mention, unnamed), ASH #48 (on-screen)
Powers: A fungal life form not fully within reality, can curdle spacetime with a foglike effect known as the "devil fog". Devil fog has unpredictable but usually non-fatal results. Not that some of the results aren't worse than death….
Notes: Arrived on the meteor that was called down to destroy Bosnia in 1991 and warped by exposure to interspatial energies as a result of Constellation's efforts at turning the planetkiller meteor into a mere citykiller. They still live on in "Shattered Hellas" and seem to have a sort of hivemind. And yes, this is a "Colour out of Space" homage.

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